Top 10 Baby Must Haves


Brady is officially one month old - oh my how time flies! I wanted to share my Top 10 favorite baby products!

  1. Carseat and Nursing Cover: This carseat cover also doubles as a nursing cover. I love keeping Brady covered when we are out and about. I have no idea if it actually keeps germs away from him, but I love that it protects him a little, keeps strangers at a distance and it seems to help him stay asleep too! This doubles as a nursing cover too!

  2. NoseFrida: This product totally grossed me out…until I had a congested baby. This is so effective at clearing their little nasal passages and sucking out the boogers. It is gross, but there is a filter to make sure it all stays IN the product! Game changer!

  3. WubbaNub Pacifier: All three of my boys loved their pacifiers and I loved the wubbanub because it helps keep the pacifier in their mouth, especially as they get older and they can hold onto it!

  4. Baby Delight Snuggle Nest: Our plan was for Brady to sleep in our craddle next to our bed. The first night home, every time we laid him down, he would scream. Some of my mom friends recommended products that would help him feel more snuggled, rather than be in a big craddle with lots of space alone. BUT, a lot of the products that were recommended were not safe for sleep. I found this cosleeper and Brady loves it! I love that it folds up and we can travel with it and I love that it is a safe sleep option that I can put in his craddle and eventually his crib when we make that transition.

  5. Touch Night Light: I have always struggled with middle of the night feedings because I can’t see anything. I don’t want to turn the lamp on and wake the baby up or stimulate the baby with the tv either. I love this night light because I can keep it in my bathroom and it gives off just enough light so I can see what I am doing while nursing and changing diapers, but not enough to wake the baby up. It can change color too, so this will be a fun night light in the future for my boys!

  6. Munchkin Sound Machine: All three of my boys have one of these and it has helped with their sleep so much. It does lullabies and also white noise. It also has a projector that the baby can use as they get older! This sound machine comes with a timer as well.

  7. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump: This product has been a game changer for me and helped me store over 100 ounces of breastmilk by three weeks postpartum. While you are nursing your baby, this hooks onto your opposite breast and catches your letdown. This has helped me build my supply which has been great since I have always struggled with a low milk supply. It is so easy to use and a great way to start building a freezer stash.

  8. Graco Modes Stroller: I was in search of a good stroller that I could easily take on the go with me, but also great for travel. I was recommended this stroller by so many of my mom friends. I love that it can carry the infant carseat alone or with the stroller attachment. The seat can turn into a bassinet and can also face forward and backwards. Really easy to use and has great storage as well!

  9. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags: I am loving these storage bags to store the milk I am getting from the Haakaa and my pump. I lay them flat in the freezer until they are frozen and then they can store upright! They freeze flat which helps keep a neat freezer stash!

  10. SwaddleMe Infant Swaddle: I have used these swaddles with all three of my boys and still love them. They are easy to use and I love that you can get them in fleece for the winter too!

What are some of your favorite baby items?