Hammer and Chisel Round 2

If you saw my latest blog post, then you will know – I successfully completed Hammer and Chisel. I loved it so much that I decided I wanted to do another round…which starts today!

I had incredible results my first round – countless inches and 13.7 lbs lost which helped me hit my goal weight that I set three years ago at the beginning of my journey. I have a feeling round two is going to be a bit more challenging considering we will be moving into our dream house this week and I have a very sick little boy at home! We are living out of boxes right now and Ben has been sick for about a week now. To say I am stressed is a massive understatement right now. But I am reminding myself that this is called a LIFEstyle for a reason. If we only worked out and ate healthy when we felt good, we probably would rarely do it because let’s face it – life for most of us is crazy and hectic.  

For this round, my goal is not weight loss, although I do still plan to follow the Lean Out meal plan. My goal is to continue to build muscle and lean out.

We close on our dream home tomorrow and this week will be spent working and then working on our house to prepare to move this weekend. We won’t be home much in the evenings which can make dinner time and meal planning tough. I did my best to think ahead and get a plan together.

Here is my meal plan for this week (following the 1,200-1,400 plan):

Before workout: energize preworkout (free)

Post workout: recover post workout shake (free)

Breakfast: two eggs, banana oat waffles with peanut butter and black coffee (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 purple, 2 tsps)

Mid Morning: fruit (1 purple)

Lunch: mixed green salad with grilled chicken and sweet onion citrus vinaigrette (2 greens, 1 red, 1 orange)

Afternoon: Café Latte shakeology and water (1 red)

Dinner: hasselback chicken (adding in cheese to get 1 full blue) with broccoli and brown rice (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 yellow)

Water intake goal: 128 ounces

My meal prep this weekend consisted of:

-          Making a double batch of the batter for my waffles (Ben eats these too!)

-          Grilling 5 servings of chicken for my salads

-          Cooking the brown rice for my dinners

-          Prepping and cooking 6 servings of my hasselback chicken

-          Cooking my husband 10 servings of his own version of burrito bowls (I bulk his up with more chicken and rice and cook it on the stove)

Since our food is almost all cooked for the week, I am hoping it will make it easier for us to stay on track this week while we are on the go!

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