Would You Rather...?

Would you rather…

See a specific number on the scale OR fit in a certain size?

For the longest time I thought scale = size. Thought If I could just be a certain weight, then I would finally be a size 4. I know I am not alone here when I say that I used to define myself by what the scale told me. If I was up a pound – then I was pissed, fat, discouraged, depressed and wanted to quit. Yet – if I was down a pound – then I was happy, on top of the world, excited and lean. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? The fluctuation of a POUND or two could either make me feel like I was a cow or it could make me feel incredible.

WHY do we do this?? Why do we put so much value in a stupid number?!

If I have learned anything on my journey, it is that your weight does not mean a thing. Yes, I still get caught up in the number every now and then. But when I really think about it, the scale says nothing about me.

It doesn’t tell me how pretty I am.
It doesn’t tell me how fit I am.
It doesn’t tell me how much muscle I have.
It doesn’t tell me if I am healthy.
It doesn’t tell me my self-worth.
It doesn’t tell me how successful I am.

I used to think I had to be 130 in order to be in shape and healthy. That if I wasn’t that specific number, then I was not good enough. I would let the scale determine if I was going to quit or not. And when the scale didn’t change by 10+ pounds in a week, I thought this whole healthy lifestyle thing was a joke.

And, here I am today. Weighing in at 148 lbs and in the BEST shape of my entire life. I wear a size 4 comfortably and my shirts are an XS. I highly doubt too many people hear 148 pounds and think fit and healthy. Most people don’t associate a number higher than 140 with healthy and fit. My journey has taught me that the scale means nothing. People can be 120 pounds and be more UNHEALTHY than someone who weighs 170 pounds.

Define your success on how you feel. If you feel incredible, don’t let the fluctuation on the scale make you feel otherwise. Don’t give it that power over you. If the scale has too much power over you, then stop weighing yourself. Put your scale in your trunk. Give it to a friend. Tell your husband to hide it…and only bring it out when you know that you will continue to feel amazing no matter what the number reads.

Let your clothes, pictures, mood and measurements define your success…not a dumb number.