Follow My Journey

So here we are. December 3rd, 2015. The New Year is right around the corner.

Three years ago, I used December as an excuse to eat like crap and relax…and wait for the New Year to get back on track. I would spend the month over eating and over drinking which always led to even more weight gain. Now that I am three years into my journey, I hate the idea of waiting for the New Year to make a change. Did you know Americans gain on average of 10-12 pounds during the holidays? Then come January, people find this spurt of motivation and set out to lose weight. The gyms get packed, people go crazy over dieting and losing weight – yet it never lasts long. Weight loss can’t just be a New Year’s resolution, it has to be a way of life – a choice you make every day of the year, regardless of which month or holiday it is.

I am three years into my journey and down 70 pounds. I didn’t lose this weight and keep it off just because of a New Year’s resolution. I did it because I value my health and my confidence. Every single day for the past three years, I have made the choice to continue on and make this a lifestyle. I refuse to spend an entire month gorging myself with food and then working to lose it next month. It makes no sense.

This month, I will be following the Hammer and Chisel program. It is a 60 Day Beachbody program with Autumn and Sagi that is going to help me build more muscle and get shredded. So, while everyone else is packing on the pounds, I will be shedding them and getting in the best shape of my life. I refuse to sabotage myself this month. This program means workouts and a meal plan. Is it going to be easy during the holidays? Absolutely not. But, it is a choice I am making and I know I can do it.

I plan to blog my way through this program so I can share my experience and also keep myself accountable. Hopefully you will follow my journey!