Day 11: Hammer and Chisel

I have made it to day 11 of Hammer and Chisel – CHEAT FREE. Not going to lie, I feel pretty ridiculously proud. The first week on a program is the toughest for me. It is when I am still working on making the meal plan a habit and when I am trying to figure out my routine. Last week, I was really hungry. My body was adjusting to my new meal plan and also to the workouts. This week is totally different. Maybe it is because I have a cold, but I feel completely satisfied by all of my meals and usually have to force myself to finish them. It feels good to be satisfied.

When I first started my journey, I thought losing weight meant killing myself in the gym and starving myself. You see, as someone addicted to food, the thought of being hungry legitimately SCARED ME. I would overeat just to be sure I wouldn’t feel hungry. Whenever I do feel hungry, that is when those urges to binge and cheat start creeping in. With this meal plan, I feel satisfied. Of course I get hungry before a meal, but it isn’t like I am starving. Each meal fills me up and I feel good.

Today is my rest day and I also happen to be really sore. So, perfect timing! My hamstrings are so tight from Tuesday’s Hammer Power workout. I feel like my progress has stalled a little this week – which is to be expected. I made a ton of progress week one, there is no way my body would be able to sustain that for all 60 days. I am feeling really good and am still sitting at 146 pounds. Haven’t gained, haven’t lost.

At work today, we are having our Holiday party for our team. Wine, cookies, candy, beer, treats – meaning, nothing on plan. I do not plan on indulging AT ALL.  I know I will be the odd one out since I will not be eating and drinking – but that is ok. At the end of the day, I am the one who has to deal with any consequences. Being the odd one out is much better to me than kicking myself tonight when I get home for ruining my 11 day streak. That to me is NOT worth it. I have spent too many days/years feeling guilty about food choices I have made and today isn’t going to be one of them.

Rather than telling people “I can’t eat that”, I tell them, “I don’t eat that”. It isn’t that I can’t have a glass of wine or candy – it’s that I CHOOSE not to. Saying you don’t rather than can’t, gives YOU the power rather than making you feel restricted.

If you have a holiday party, be strong! Remember – those people who give you a hard time about not indulging in the junk with them, they are going to go home and forget all about it. But it is YOU that will have to feel the consequences of giving in!

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