Day 4: Oh Heyyyy Abs!

Here we are, made it to day 4! Woke up feeling incredibly lean and in control - what an incredible feeling. I weighed in today at 148.3 pounds! I had to step on the scale a few times before I believed it! That is 5 pounds down since Monday...and it is only Thursday!

Today is my rest day. I won't lie, I hate having a rest day in the middle of the week. I vowed to follow this plan 100%, so I am not going to changed the workouts around to have a rest day on the weekend. This just means I get to sleep in one day during the week now. Can't complain about that!

Today, I meal prepped for this weekend. I have two family get togethers this weekend for Christmas. I always hate this, not because I hate seeing family, but because I feel so much temptation. Food, wine, bigger portions, you name it! I debated for a while on what to do. I normally would use this as an excuse to have two cheat nights, but not this time. I have busted my butt all week during my workouts, resisted all cravings and have been 100% on track. I am not willing to throw that away over pleasing others to eat their food. My solution? Bring my own food.

Yes, I am aware this could come off as rude, but I have to stick to what is best for myself. Going off plan out of guilt is not a good enough reason because at the end of the day, I would be the one feeling guilty for going off plan...not anyone else. So, tomorrow, I will be having chicken, broccoli and brown rice for lunch and then packing my usual lunch for dinner with me. I am packing the salad instead because I can eat it cold and it doesn't have to be heated. 

I have never been more determined in my life and I am ready to have a wildly successful weekend. I am really looking forward to my workout tomorrow too. These rest days aren't easy when you want to make progress! But, I am reminding myself that my body needs the rest!

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